Branding a System of Information

Our company is blessed with very strong brands, including The Gazette and KCRG.  As I mentioned here recently,

We have created deep emotional ties to our products, both within our company and within our communities.  We need to begin to create emotional ties to an integrated local information ecosystem, and the multiple ways we can access that system.  That requires a definition of a brand promise and a new way to talk about the system, without regard to our existing products, which all have strong brands.

At the most basic level, this information system will be designed to provide an individualized two-way flow of information.  While we want to still be the trusted source of accurate information, we need to have a brand to describe the relationship desired with the entire system, not just the products.  And our employees creating the information, or helping local businesses connect with local communities, need a name and brand promise that is beyond the products.

While we are not settled on the exact name yet, we think we know the essential characteristics of the brand promise.

I could go on describing for some time, but for many,  a visualization helps to best see the relationship of the supporting brand concepts.  (Press the “full” button below the image to see the image large enough to read the text.)

What do you think?

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