Simple Story

Last week I was struck by a relatively simple statement, and have been repeating it all week.

Jay Rosen was in a conversation that allowed me to simply frame our situation.  We used to have a business model based on:

Some things happened yesterday or today, let us tell you about them.  As you pay attention to those things, we will put a commercial advertisement next to it and hope to get your attention.

That old business model is not sufficient.  We need to have a business model based on:

Let us help all of us co-create actionable local information so that we have a better opportunity to understand, and make good decisions regarding,  our current area of interest, whether civic, entertainment or commercial transaction.

Seems simple.  Yet, changing that purpose requires great change – in our habits, attitudes and beliefs, our systems and processes and our end products.

This blog has chronicled our journey from an inkling four years ago that we were not on the right path, to exploration of ideas and alternatives, to laying out our structure for change.

We have had fits and starts, but we are on the path to achieve our change of fundamental purpose.

Stay tuned, we have much to do.


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3 thoughts on “Simple Story”

  1. Hello Chuck – totally get what you are saying. I have been focused on workflow optimization for dispersed teams for decades. This is very relevant to the post above as you can never be more than one place at a time – and increasingly co creation involves the need to do so. I have a model I am creating for a 120,000 member Quad City group – would like to share with you as you may find it relevant. Connect with me on Linked in if you wish to dig deeper on this. Otherwise the warmest of regards…

  2. I have been seeing this a lot lately, even in the affiliate marketing industry. The emphasis has shifted on the internet to sharing real high quality content that is valuable to real people. Sharing information and helping each other make informed decisions because you care about your audience is always the best business model. Well put Chuck.

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